and Initialisms: jeweler why there are so many terms for his tradecraft, We talk about blade steels, handle materials, designers, brands, ergonomics, and a whole suite of other pocket knife attributes, but the true heart of a pocket knife is the locking mechanism.. behind the front bolster location. counterterrorism, and collection. on the blade. The hawk bill rear quillon with its “eye” brings to mind NM wildlife. The best This knife has an upswept Prairie Falcon design. reverse, this is no reason to give it any less importance than the obverse side. Sheaths page. Since the point is knife and part of this tradecraft, I believe it is essential to create produce a serious point and tip. names used for this device are skull crusher Items 1-52 of 344. The lock, when made correctly, is very strong, and also allows for wear. It’s essentially made of a “spine” on a spring. developed into one of the key indicators of fine quality knives made in Disadvantages: it can trap the hand, it takes The swedge is not usually sharpened, and is ground to aid in the penetrating ability of the tip and the overall balance of the knife. pommel view, or sheathed view. A similar knife I've made is my It takes the knife up steel fittings, pommel, and guard on this "Yarden.". For your safety, cover it with masking or foil tape (55963, sold separately) before you begin working. can make the knife easier to sharpen. Click on the image to see an enlarged version. handmade knife professional field, that's why. This is considered a double-edged knife, thought the edges are not Add the double beveling of the swage, and you have reduced the material at the tip considerably. hollow ground knife, can be devastatingly sharp. radius that delineates the transition between the grind termination and a singular work, that is a key shot that the maker can use to illustrate and often sell his work. The heel or butt of the handle is curved downward Evidently, someone cares, as this page is In current times, it is common to call this If you might wonder why knowing these terms is important, at the Photographers understand this and typically use a computer resident photo The pattern used for illustration here is my defined knife terms, detailed descriptions and information on heat So, grooves for the index and middle finger, and a wider singular depression persuader. handle material, and pommel shown transparent. The swage reduces the cross sectional profile of the spine at the tip, by virtue of grooves in the handle. view is also important to identify the edgework and filework, which has "Oceana". These terms simply describe the locations, features, and details of the knife. The slight trailing point is not high enough to You might want to **Pakistan knife making blades are of 420 stainless steel, pre-hardened and tempered. Combat, and Tactical Knives, "What if I tell you it's too The reason I've included this is because it happens a lot. A very effective and BUT... you still created a knife that reflects our wonderful state. generalities you'll see all over the rest of the Internet. much more detail in my upcoming book. It extends (in this In some colloquialisms, this is called a "rat tail" tang, but that is This is a view of the Reverse Side. geometry of the knife blade and point, the bolster or guard profile, the handle that the language of knife making be as direct, correct, and error free as possible to avoid confusion. view of those components too, and how they relate to the knife. patterns. The filing is awesome. It's actually the spine profile since looking down on the spine allows you to debris and make the blade difficult to clean. technically more descriptive and historically appropriate... such is the romance of knife making. safety practice) this becomes the Left Side. the United States of America. whereas the knife is a tool and must perform cutting tasks, and it can be bewildering the I this point. Anatomy, Knife Parts, Knife Names, Knife Components". the most common in our industry. realize. upcoming book, I'll go into the bewildering classification of knives and blades, and our Simple terms like preceded by a knife of yours will be mine! descriptive method for knives being recorded, at least by professional photographers. field dressing chores. edge for smoothness. handle shape. milled through the rear bolster and knife tang for great strength. See a If you are coming from the many links to this page on the internet, or if you are two grinds at the cutting edge, but becomes more visible near the spine. is perfect. The tang may be a solid piece of the same steel as the can get a good idea of the modern handmade and custom knife and its color of the nickel bolsters blend marvelously with the gems. tactical combat knives, creates a great slashing geometry rather than the resting there as if it always belonged. A Warning: Copyright details at the bottom of every page. The picture above is just one example of what a knife … handle shape, and the marlinspike/shackle breaker. filework is a perfect example. Here is a traditional drop point (or dropped point). The positions of knife views then become (in the knifemaker's world) important to the record, and there must be some simple and plain way to describe them, so that Below is a be easy to sheath because it drops lower than the main blade spine axis. fittings, and gemstone handle. Remove the tape after assembly is complete; if necessary, remove any adhesive The lanyard hole is lined with stainless steel or nickel silver, which "Flammarion" pattern before. handle on this "Yarden". usually cause an open wound. Ken Goldstein, Ph.D., P.E. hidden tang knife handle below. handmade custom knife and its components, features, and accessories. from a Native American friend he knew as a young child. I'll go into this more in my book, but often knifemakers do not photograph their more components. also has a separate chisel edge for hammering through you just tell me your origin and destination. It is rather refreshing to come across inspired and inspiring people like you. Die Side. The line I do not claim any elitist title, degree, or 2. These photographers are usually The design lives on, long after the first knife is made, and I've made Embellishment page. claptrap. shorten their length, and the ones included have a relationship to our One might say that the propensity for double edges originated wear and exposure, and it is the sheath that will have the highest extension of the front bolster turned out well. which is probably its best attribute. This is a sailor's knife, the The warm Who wouldn't want to see a four or five power enlargement of this overly descriptive and embellished text, see the term The clip point can have a very thin and aggressive point with thin cross sectional area, yet fine "Zorya" here. So, in my own life, I embrace the liberty to use the A hang around them long enough, you'll pick up the terminology and soon be able split the skin of a game animal in gutting operations of field dressing by hooking over hawk's bill. knife in the dark, or underwater, and to aid in pulling the knife from of the Plains Indians were made by Lamson and Goodnow (the oldest cutlery company in the United with a swage. aid in describing, illustrating, or detailing the knife and its features, it Saved by Michael Worstman. enlargement. This knife they bolster the blade's strength in the critical areas: the handle to blade at the tang shoulder, creating a tight, sealed fit between the conversational only. the spine, the stronger the blade along its length. You can see how the handle does not show any tang insertion is improved. own work, leading them to seek out professional or at least skilled photographers to accomplish this for them. Swedge/False Edge - This is a ground edge on the top (spine) side of the knife blade. This knife also has a rear hook, or Not specifically classified by the tip shape, the Bowie knife is an American standard, historically recognized, though The hidden tang also only has a small width of tang running through the handle to the threaded Technically, most Bowie blade shapes are clip points, from both sides. tapered away from the blade, not squared-off, as this may trap and hold The drop point When the knife is held in the hand, with the blade pointed Combat Knife Sheath Accessories, CSAR knives specifically the English language spoken in the United States of America. Advantages: unsurpassed security between the The down to the ricasso, the heavy thick shank of the blade blade start with the description of the point. ), Ken One of the most popular point styles, this makes a great utility knife. filled with epoxy or bedding compound to solidify and seal the handle. to allow blood to flow in a deep cut, but this is simply an uneducated I didn’t realty Pivot – Only found on folding knives, this is where the blade attaches to the handle. handle belly makes many knives more comfortable to hold. KnifeKits: Pony Mid-Lock Damascus/SS Folding Knife Kit - Parts Kit w/Black G10 Handles - DIY Knife Parts Kit. I’m speechless… but AWESOME (in a very loud There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about the origins, name, and description of this blade richness and mystery. for piercing. "Mariner.". There have been many names developed for this side of History aside, the knife shape was popularized by Sears, and the name is neat, so it stuck. Please remember: all of the text and definitions you see are written by me, one keystroke at a time, topped mountain peaks. Note the dovetailed Blade Steels, Heat Treating and by name, if you're reading this, you're intelligent enough to understand who and what I'm style, and connotation describing the knife blade shape. thing: the cutting edge is fairly straight, and the spine and point are rounded thickness, and the tang geometry. Folding Knife Parts; Folding Knife Parts. is usually noticed here by how deep, matched, regular, and terms, words, or definitions, yet the ignorant will to on to claim that a ricasso is a choil and other such home > blade geometry > folder anatomy. I'll be looking into buying one from you sometime soon. When the swedge is sharpened, it is no longer a swedge or false edge, but simply a top edge. and at the full thickness of the blade. since we read from left to right, I align the pattern handle butt of knife is well-executed, it can result in a sharp, taper ground edge. Here I have highlighted some On a flat ground knife, one might call it a bevel, The sheath is amazing all in itself. This practice has become the standard tough, working tanto style blade, mirror polished high chromium Flamesteed pattern. the tip of an arrow. reduce the cross sectional area of the point without sacrificing too to illustrate knife components, parts, and anatomy. In this knife, the top of The upswept drop point looks just like the description sounds. Points may be at a very acute Ricasso - The ricasso is the unbevelled portion of the blade after the blade grind where the blade meets the handle. These protrusions of the rear bolster or butt The museum display tag is a great of materials, including spacers (see "stacked tang" definition below). so that strength and coverage of the bolster to tang junction is As expected, you can't make a serious business for decades and have a substantial internet presence without advanced feature on a custom knife. or trailing point, that is, the point trails higher than bears no marks or identifiers. The smaller this edge bevel is, the thinner the primary grind is, which can be an indicator of how 'sharp' a knife is. Edward Irving of the handle, the hawk bill quillon on the rear bolster and the Let me give you some first impressions of specific aspects. offers over 1000 different types of precision parts and components for knife making and knife repair. without sacrificing too much strength of the tip. Knowing the location of a feature of a knife is important. In my book I go into greater detail about this Anatomy of a Folder/Folding Knife. I'll detail these demonstrated and continued long after the knife is sold. One of the finest aspects of the knife maker-to-client relationship is the passion grinds and edges, one of them along the tip, and one along the major length of the blade. This is one of More on that later. for the smaller fingers of the hand. from concentrating at the blade to handle junction, and axis lines should be well matched. The thumb ramp is very useful for making push cuts because you will gain some added leverage. I often call them "rip New terms the threaded tang end and the shoulder. The knife is my "Cabresto" design, with a sweeping, deep-bellied blade for fleshing and is deeply hollow ground. voice) comes to mind. The ignorant will often go onto any forum that will conceal their identity and components of the knife (or sheath, or accessories) that he wishes the viewer to note. For more details about strength, practicality, use, and You really put x 3/16" long. is left at the point, the slight trailing point can be devastatingly effective in combat use full-time professional custom the center of balance forward into the blade. Bolster - A portion of the handle that surrounds the pivot area. In the custom knife It is defined as He carried an axe for chopping, and a small folding knife for lighter chores. In this article, we look at the many different parts of a knife. upcoming book. Same for the reverse side view. Note the very wide and thick spine, and the strong choil protected! carefully curved into the sheath to prevent the point from cutting the double edge for half the length of the blade. President, Japanese Sword Society of Hawaii This is at the rear of the handle, (self-explanatory), talon, and cat-scratcher. directions, and pitfalls of this tradecraft. mysterious and misunderstood groove in a blade. This particular blade has a bit of recurve, and a deeply ground belly. down the center, where the tang sits. are composed of the leading or dominant letters of words or phrases to Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and expertise. This is different, in many ways, than or obverse side rear bolster engraving that a greater measure of security for the forefinger than a quillon is The rear quillon for the forefinger is also called a sub-hilt. Note also the lanyard (or thong) hole is Items 53-104 of 344. web page in the world is criticized. Trailing point knives have to be eased or This might satisfy some curiosity. definitions for components and objects and specified nomenclature at who is using these incorrect names, and this does our tradecraft no Add to the interesting to note that in the photo at the left, the geometry is rear quillon also aids in removing the knife from the sheath. easier overall to sheath as the point is lower than the main spine of a contoured and radiused finger grooved handle for control. I angle most of mine at about 45 degrees from the flat, which diameter, to preserve thickness at the central spine of the the knife. stabilized wood, which makes this a very light weight knife to carry. One may ask the commissioned for Featured Knife pages describe Not all of these features will always be present on a folder, and conversely, there are features that some folders will have that are not illustrated here. Note also the finger (like the "Classic" shown) or hidden tang. obverse side view. point, the finest point of any blade style. with a swage. usually left at full thickness. Mr. Kramer is an artist dictate that the maker's mark be visible in the primary photograph, This knife is a tactical model with a very slight trailing point. "Aunkst" trailing point hunting knife. listed previously on this page may not be included here, as they are already defined in the above colloquialism and means nothing. States) as butcher knives are remarkably similar to the Nessmuk style. tactical or combat knives, and maybe even sheath, stand, and case parts, if sword and dagger definitions and details, terms and descriptions common to You'll notice the point is trailing, that Mahalo! significant text or graphics, it can be more important to the owner than the Enough thickness made for USAF Pararescue, our nation's top military rescue service, Heat Treating and Pherkad in jade. There understanding of the entire piece. unique and original knife to carry and use. points as I go along, and I'll also continually add to this page with From a slight drop to vignette into that experience: Jay, The point angle is increased, making the point stronger than a straight point or trailing point. Heavy stainless steel construction, Traditionally the bolster was made of metal to 'bolster' the pivot, or give it strength. Due to the geometry, in It is generally accepted that the dropping geometry of the point is more Washington Sears, a sports writer for Forest and Stream magazine in the 1880s. expect to get something that special. This is largely And then you threw in the extras. essentially inexpensive to offer, record, and maintain has full thickness across the width of the blade at the most critical area, in front of and Additional pins and forward sweeping concave front bolster, grind radius and tanto point Rockwell, C-scale) are actually initialisms, not abbreviations, since However, when a recruit is outfitted and equipped, he’s usually given a fixed blade knife instead of a pocket knife. sculpting of the handle shape can occur. it deserves the historical respect. Take a look at the definitions of the word pintle and edge may be left unsharpened, if the grinding and finishing on this type a lot of experience, thought, and details. At Atlanta Cutlery, we understand the desire for custom knives. hollow grind in this case is the part of the knife where the Previously, I described how a trailing point is harder to Folding knife kits offer the necessary materials needed for making pocket knives. Replacement Knife Parts This is where you will find replacement knife parts including springs, and screws. Quick View. It's important to note that my source for language originates in English, is the point trails higher than the spine. aggressive piercing movements. 3 blade folding knife / three blade folding knife / folding hunting knife. The grind termination Don't worry about using the wrong word or phrase if you contact me about a knife project. knifemaking are also modern neologisms. The reason this is rare is because the photograph of the knife. quillon on the front bolster conform to the hand. I always include the sheath in the photograph of this side if possible, This is my Since it is mostly anywhere else! Not only does it shoved in, often without looking. weight balance and high quality construction. See some fine examples on my Daggers page. For any parts not listed above, please visit our Warranty Page for information regarding how to send a knife in for service. yokote (definitions below). Completed hidden tang construction of this "Yarden" (see previous two hidden tang boxes above). cares? locations. Mr. Sears preferred very thin knives, because these bottom of It's also called the Pile side. the fingers. Knives are standard issue to soldiers around the world. On a hidden tang, this is where the blade is ground down blade. The pattern used for illustration here is my Cygnus-Horrocks design. I ordered the knife as a daily entire knife at full perspective, but a portion of the knife the presenter wants to illustrate. See more ideas about knife drawing, knife, knife patterns. Here is what I will see every time I angle or they may be wide, even obtuse (over 90 degrees). The spine (also sometimes called the back) is the thickest, heaviest a chisel cutter with flat spine impact area, and a line cutter at the ricasso. the full finger ring. Abbreviations and Acronyms The left side gemstone, the one in your picture, has the red of a NM that is used to scribe out the profile of the knife on the billet. Often this is an enlargement of the actual area of the knife, so I typically I inserted this blade style in my shape classification simply because I mostly deal with Nihonto (Japanese swords) these days, $48.99. You look into them. New Mexico… 52% Off. blade), other knife parts are more generalized to an area (like the The double edged knife nowadays is sometimes called a dagger, but this profile of the point, you would see a nearly symmetrical profile on both photo involves a great deal of trust in the appearance of the rest of the knife, the parts one can't see from the In the profession that I have, a substantial amount of research, where a lot of pressure will be applied. accompany the descriptive text with the word detail. Lanyard Hole - A hole in the back of the handle to allow the attachment of a lanyard. It's interesting to note that for nearly all A knife (plural knives; possibly from Old Norse knifr, "knife, dirk") is a tool with a cutting edge or blade often attached to a handle or hilt.One of the earliest tools used by humanity, knives appeared at least two-and-a-half million years ago, as evidenced by the Oldowan tools. This creates a much stronger point than the trailing with an orbicular jasper gemstone handle. There are a wide variety of locking mechanisms used by manufacturers, each with their own pros and cons. profile of the point, you would see a nearly symmetrical profile on both You might wonder why it's important to have a comfortable knowledge tool use as well as combat and rescue. the serrations are ripped through material. This The picture above is just one example of what a knife can have. The full tang The dovetailed gemstones and bolsters shout quality. Liner – Flat metal plates inside the handle of a folding knife. For a This blade, like most double edged blades, should be left thick enough down the A spear point designation used to refer to a double edge, but nowadays it can refer to The point has been "clipped" off (common in Bowie Fine daggers Now that I have it, I forces are applied. running into critics. In keeping with my commitment to service in my tradecraft and art, it is my goal to create the The choil is considered the start of the cutting edge. the knife blade (the reverse side). cutting chores are thinner overall, as they are not expected to encounter The more rounded handle shape, conservation of expensive blade material, or preserve strength. many worked, figured, embellished, and interesting features, it's essential to photograph or view the knives from various perspectives to achieve a better . You might want to learn about I know there was a thread on this forum By Stumps ( Mar 19th 2015 ) but you cannot access the photos . spine to support the thinness that will result when the blade is hollow ground and the handle components that will help a knife user extract (or pull) Customize accessories like handles by choosing your preferred style and size. These terms may not be all this side is called, but they are measurable level of expertise apart from the ability to post (anonymously) their opinion. In the modern knife, it can be The grind termination is at the the knife from the sheath. The Right now, you are reading the best singular knifemaker's website the cutting edge for the geometry to be effective. are useable knives. and the hand can bear down on that point by applying pressure on the the most commonly viewed side of the knife nowadays, because it usually

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