But it hasn't stopped Scar's army. Just warn me before you do it next time, so I can really enjoy it. Now you are the Keenest of Sight. So hold your breath and follow me. RAFIKI: Yes, yes. with a new way to go, Jasiri: ¶ Sisi ni sawa SCAR: You merely have to lure them into their Lair and keep them there while the rest of the plan unfolds. RAFIKI: The venom from Ushari's bite is still inside Kion. That's right. Why am I so confused? It's called vog. RAFIKI: (LAUGHS) Never one for tradition, is he? ONO: It's alright. There! KION: Anga. RAFIKI: Hmm. FULI: You were the fastest to reach him in time. I'll get you through. Am I destined to turn to evil? That's why Scar's havin' us attack 'em now. You don't have the power to defeat me Kion. And remember...You can't fight fire with fire. By using the Roar. But now it's not just about defeating Scar's army. Ugh, I meant, tell Simba what you know. BUNGA: And you were the bravest to dive after me! ¶ Then I knew Under your rule, of course. You can have whatever's left...And I'll need you for the next part of my plan. Kion speaks with the Lion Guard knowing that as long as they're around the Pride Lands won't end.Anga arrives and announces that the Outlanders are attacking, so the Guard all go there to fight. ONO: Is that you, Anga? MAKINI: And I can give you tuliza whenever you need it. But the Lion Guard just kicked our tails this morning. But...I'll need the hyenas to distract the Lion Guard for the plan to work. Everyone knows the plan. CHUNGU: Hey! Cat R. Waul and His Forces Will be Defeated Once and For All And We Will Have Peace in the Pride Lands Prince John and His Forces Will be Defeated Once and For All And We Will Have Peace in the Pride Lands SCAR: Oh, yes. Gil has brought help/Bubble Guppies confront Simba, Makini, the Lion Guard and Bubble Guppies leave the Pride Lands. Your heart is racing, Kion. JANJA: Yeah, yeah. Kion: Dad, even if we defeat Scar's army, we don't know how to defeat Scar himself. Wouldn't you say so, Ushari? Get away from the fire! Anga: One of the bird patrols spotted Scar's army. ANGA: I can't replace you, Ono. Her hyenas seem to be happy working with the Lion Guard. JANJA: Okay I will. Doesn't the Lion Guard still need that? The Pride Lands is a large kingdom inhabited by numerous species of animals, epitomizing the abundance of life that originally existed in Africa. There you are! JASIRI: Janja! ONO: Spoke too soon. We could use the water from Beshte's pool to put it out.See? I think the two of us can handle one lion. Battle for the Pride Lands/Transcript < Battle for the Pride Lands. Kion? History Talk (0) Comments Share. This Battle Occurs in Jungle Storm: The Beast Wars. Ow! KION: Even when it's a lion made of fire? Don't forget, you'll need to get some rest, too. Only time will tell if your vision will return to full strength. What are you doing here? Back when I was the leader of my Lion Guard... ZKARU: You were once the leader of your Lion Guard from a long time ago? Janja! Character dialogue lines were originally written by the film's writers, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. MAKINI: Yes I've already been to the Tree of Life before, remember? We know how to defeat Scar. Hush! Kion: I know what you're thinking. Following the battle, the Lion Guard sets off for the Tree of Life. BESHTE: Don't worry Fuli. JANJA: You know, I think I could get used to that laugh. SCAR: Oh, yes, Ushari. just nicknamed me Scar Now! The Tree of Life! It is an African savannah, and it appears to be the home to numerous animal herds, epitomizing the abundance of life that originally existed in Africa. But I'm sure Scar's got 'em up to something. The Pride of Kul Tiras questline sets the … But the Pride Landers won't trust me. Ooh! And why should we believe you? on the last night, Kion: ¶ Yeah, I know everything's in place, ¶ Still those tops KION: You’re Welcome and I’ll give you the chance as long as you start respecting the Circle of Life and everyone around it. You should replace me on the Guard. "After Kion and Ono are injured in an attempt to defeat Scar in the battle for the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard must embark on a journey to the Tree of Life to help them regain their strength. But not the way I told Janja. SCAR: (SCOFFS) Of course not. Accept your destiny. ¶ At the end of the... ¶. Scar will never defeat us! JASIRI: Outlanders, I know we can all get along here in the Outlands. JANJA: Hey Kion listen I wanted to apologize to you for doing a lot of bad things all these years. Which side of the fight And Kion's roar is more powerful than ever. Battle for the Pride Lands. Which means that today is the day Kion gets his scar. ¶ Say, yes instead of no Let's round 'em up, and kick 'em out. We have to help the Royal Family. Botswana is home to the largest male lions on the planet but only 1 out of 8 males ever make it to adulthood. RECOMMENDATIONS. There have been fires there before. BESHTE: Kion is the leader of the Lion Guard. bring the new dawn. Everything's looking a bit fuzzy. JANJA: Okay. *roars* Timon: *whimpers fearfully* Zira: These lands belong to Scar. I think I'm going to need Rafiki's help, too. SHUPAVU: Come on. BUNGA: Ooh! 2 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - That's Not Amore. Emerl's Adventures of the Lion Guard: Return of the Roar is an upcoming SUPS1/Disney Junior crossover film to be created by TMNTHedgehog5, It will appear on Google Drive in the near future. It is implied to be located in Tanzania. Brand new entry at #1! You can see nearly as well as I did. KION: That's right. Huh! KION: Bunga! CHEEZI: Kion's roar has gotten bigger, too. ONO: No, Bunga's right. KION: Ono's right, Anga. ZKARU: Yeah the Guard is coming this way sire. Because it's the crocodile way. Tomorrow, we go into the Outlands. We zebras will protect the Pride Lands while you're away. BUNGA: That's right. ONO: Oh. Pride Rock, a colossal rock formation, serves as the residence of the king and his pride.The most well-respected and noteworthy king to have ever ruled was King Mufasa. He looks dizzy. The first quest in the Pride of Kul Tiras achievement questline is obtained when Alliance players complete the Loremaster of Kul Tiras achievement which entails finishing the story quests in Drustvar, Tirigarde and Stormsong Valley. The only exit out of the Gorge takes them to the Elephant Graveyard (象の墓場, Zō no Hakaba?). Battle for the Pride Lands; Latest American TV Top 10 Full American TV chart. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For it’s only a matter of time before their fate is officially sealed. SCAR: I know why you think you're here. Oh, gotta tell Kion. And it's not easy to find. Janja has joined the Pride Landers. The mate of Scar during his reign; Zira cherishes the memory of the dark lion, and her greatest desire is to see Simba dead and herself and Kovu as the rulers of the Pride Lands. SHUPAVU: Invade the Outlands? The vog has seriously hurt your eyesight. ¶ Sisi ni sawa Means we're the same ¶ Though I've got spots, KION: Ono! And that's why I still want you on the Lion Guard. SCAR: The Lion Guard is planning to attack the Outlands. KION: If the Roar brought Scar back, I guess it could get rid of him, too. Right, Ono? SHUPAVU: That opening in the rocks is the Lion Guard Lair. I am not the keenest of sight. If the venom stays inside him too long, he will no longer know the difference between right and wrong. JANJA: Oh thanks Kion. Which contestant is safe? He'll know how to help. We don't want to give ourselves away. SCAR: Oh, yes. And volcanic fume will be poisonous. Ono needs to rest. If Jasiri believes Janja, I think we should at least hear what he has to say. JANJA: And you gotta Roar inside the top of the volcano. KION: I'll be fine. He did breathe in a lot of smoke and ash. Have I ever told you how I got my scar? Everything still looks pretty hazy to me. There will be one test for each traditional Lion Guard role, the fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight. But I think you should hear what Janja has to say. But there are landmarks to help you guide your way. ¶ Make a friend from a foe Ah! Scar's just trying to scare you! ¶ At the end of the day, JANJA: Oh. RAFIKI: Makini, give me the tuliza plant. And that's why we're gonna win. Mm? Time to defeat Scar and his followers, once and for all. ¶ Why do I feel this way inside? Just like me, Kion. Janja and the hyenas? Got him! ¶ She says I can trust her but I don't know JANJA: The rest of my clan is trapped.In a fire at Pride Rock. We promised Jasiri we'd stay away from Zira, so we've been hiding. I have seen this sort of injury before. JASIRI: Go ahead, Kion. Yeah. Battle for the Pride Lands; Battle for the Pride Lands/Transcript; Battle of Pride Rock (The Lion King: Revisited) Battle of the Lion Guards (The Lion King: Revisited) Be Our Guest (The Lion King: Revisited) Be Prepared (The Lion King: Revisited) Beshte (The Lion King: Revisited) MAKINI: Oh, yes! KION: It's not easy. The Pokemon Trainer King 2: Ash's Pride (Duchess Style) The Pokémon Trainer Guard: Return Of The Roar; The Cat Guard 3: Battle for the Pride Lands; Zoe Orimoto; HMV: This is Halloween; Sneak Preview of Super Youkai Watchers Bros. USHARI: Are you finding it difficult to think? SCAR: You have the mark of evil. The Pokémon Trainer King (Duchess Style) You're probably right about that. ONO: Hmm, odd. The Loop (Movies) Do you like this video? Please enlighten us now. And it is not good. If Jasiri's keeping you in line, the Outlands might actually be livable. You're the smartest, too. Kion: Yeah. KION: The fire's too hot to get close. We just got here. Yeah. that treacherous thing KION: It’s alright Janja I forgive you. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Ono's not the Keenest of Sight anymore. And the Lions of the Past told me that she would be the next Royal Mjuzi. If it doesn't hurt you, the smoke will. ZKARU: Excellent time to commence phase 1 hyenas and jackals get them ready and as for the rest of you you're with me. CHUNGU: And he's got lots of other animals helping him. You, uh, wanted to see me? Ooh! From now on, Jasiri should be in charge of the Outlands. Transcript. Scar and his forces will be defeated,once and for all. We'll make sure the rest of the Pride Landers get home safe. KUON: Thanks, Kiara. It takes years to learn all the skills they will need to become a National Geographic for everyone in everywhere HADITHI: Your majesties. Ever since Ushari bit me, I haven’t been feeling quite right. ¶ But I'm still undecided how to choose, what to do? Battle Royale remains one of the biggest genres that players keep coming back to even in the dumpster fire that is 2019. Get out. ONO: I did. By Mufasa and his queen, Sarabi, came their o… This is the transcript for Bubble Guppies and the Battle for the Pride Lands. Going out the other end of the Elephant Graveyard takes the party to the dried up, dying Savannah (サバンナ, Sabanna? FULI: Why not? This isn't your territory! SIMBA: Kion. SCAR: Yes. Jasiri: ¶ Sisi ni sawa But I know who is. Anga says you could use a lift? Sisi ni sawa! KION: I still respect the Circle of Life. Whatever you say Jasiri! I'm not sure "interesting" is the word I'd use... SCAR: Oh, don't worry, Ushari. My crocodiles can fend for ourselves. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Fellas! KION: Could Scar be right? And you can fly even higher! Fuli: We'll … SIMBA: Don't worry, Kion. The fire of the volcano would utterly consume me. Come on! ONO: Kion's already given me orders. You can just hold on to me. Jasiri: ¶ Sisi ni sawa Means we're the same, ¶ She says I can trust her but I don't know, ¶ Say, yes instead of no Kion: The Pride Lands will never end, while the Lion Guard is here. Zazu: Indeed. JANJA: Remember furbrains, we need to keep the Lion Guard distracted for Scar's plan to work. Keep the Outlanders off us so we can get to the top of the volcano. And have the Lion Guard go with you. Mzingo: I do say. MZINGO: Actually, we vultures would prefer a run-off election. This place is nicer than our den. RAFIKI: Honey badger! RAFIKI: Or if only a few of their kind are left. I don't think so. Common knowledge, really. I'm sad to see you go. I guess that's it. Common knowledge, really. ¶ Oh-oh kinda catchy all right Kion's guard will compete with Vitani's to see which team is the best. MAKINI: Yeah! We'll need to wait it out. Scar will never defeat us! should be king But Anga's right, too. RAFIKI: Hmm. Just like this tiny tree, we'll keep growing stronger. ONO: Go where? RAFIKI: But there is still hope! The whole Lair is filling with smoke. NALA: You can help him get better. Written here is the full transcript of DreamWorks Animation's full-length feature film Kung Fu Panda.

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