In hindsight we could have gone for a four seater which would make it even more versatile as you’d be able to cater for an extra adult, or leave a space between children. Only rear facing for a short while, hard to store if removed, Best multistage and combination car seats, 15 of the best Christmas jumpers for children. At first it sounds expensive, but when you think about it, the least you can spend on one all-stage car seat would be £200, if you had to get three of them, that would cost you £600. Just so you know erf would be my preference, we own 4 seats - 2 besafe, Axkids kidzofix and Cybex Sirona. This super safe option is new in the category, but aside from safety, we're wild for its style, too. Highlights from the Multimac Range. Multimac 1320 4 Seat Car Seat #1, used . The Minimac seat can face rearward to 13kg which is approximately 12-15 months. Prices vary depending on the exact model you choose but ours was £1499. I have often worried about how much movement there is with other car seats even on the isofix base so it is reassuring to feel how secure and sturdy the Multimac is. The minimac baby seat isn't so great, and is difficult to fit to the multimac frame. It came without any instructions or information on how to fit it or the minimac which is the baby car seat. WIN the Schleich Large Horse Stable with House, worth £129.99! Review Categories < All reviews. I was surprised to hear that it can be removed easily and it took us only a couple of minutes to take it out when we needed to, and the same to get it back in. The aptly named Minimac (Multimac’s infant car seat) costs an additional £269 and is suitable from birth to 13kg, around 12-15 months. It is still removable however and has carry straps to take it out the car if you want to. The seat berth – Each seat will hold up to 36kg (children around 12 years) in the adjustable five-point harness. Multimac Car Seat Review. Overall I think it is great value, as we would have spent a similar amount on 4 group 1 seats and then 4 group 2 and 3 seats for the four children. He is currently sitting on the same level as his brothers, but when he gets a little taller and the harness fits below his shoulders, we can change the base of his seat to make him lower which will extend the life and of course we can use the adult seatbelt too. Yes! Multimac have recently made improvements that mean the end seats can be used with an adult seatbelt, so adults can sit in the seat too. The upright position of the Minimac was something I initially disliked, but I very quickly got over it as our new baby loves it. The leather-look fabric is the same as that used in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, but you can also customise your Multimac to match your own car interior. When you buy a Multimac seat you can get it fitted my professional Multimac agents for £99. You do have to use the Minimac infant seat, which is available on the Multimac website. All seats can be used from birth with the Minimac, meaning if you have triplets or quadruplets, you can use it straight away. A very sturdy, and secure unit. 38 talking about this. We had the minimac (baby seat) for the baby, though we no longer use that now. Multimac have four 3-seat chairs and three 3-seat chairs in its range, allowing them to cater for most small, medium and large cars on the market. Multimac 1320 4 Seat Car SeatMeasures 1350mmNot minimac baby car seat for use with multimac system only. The delivery time was horrendous, it took almost 12 weeks to arrive and numerous calls and emails to multimac chasing it up. Receive the free monthly editor’s newsletter, which includes competitions, news, parenting tips, pregnancy advice, and more, © 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | On a 3-seater multimac frame, the central minimac is particularly difficult, and a couple of things on the multimac have to be taped into specific spots in order to get it to fit. So much so that it made the rest of our almost-new car feel quite downtrodden! The Multimac – Available in three different widths of four-seater and three-seater variants, the Multimac can fit virtually all cars, including compact cars. It provides 3 or 4 seats with proper 5 point safety harnesses. We recently drove across Europe which included nearly 9 hours in the car on one day (of course we took regular breaks) but they were all really happy. We crash test each baby and child car seat and booster seat we review, so whether you're looking for i-size or group 0,1,2 or 3, you can buy with confidence. The upholstery is wipe-clean, too. Multimac Car Seat - Anyone got one? Hi We have just bought a multimac. Saves space, secure, always correctly fitted, 5 point harness until 12. Overall, a good experience. It depends completely on which package you buy, but it will be set up for 3 or 4 children (the Minimac must be purchased seperately). All four of our children seem really comfy in the seats. So, we got a Multimac Super Club with two Minimacs. Yes, the Multimac feels completley sturdy – when it is strapped in there is no way I can budge it even a centimetre. Strapping the boys into the five point harness is really easy. Review: Multimac Superclub three-seater childseat. It is a space saving, super safe alternative to multiple car seats and allows so much flexibility. Once these have been fitted you can put the Multimac in. Multimac car seats review. It’s easy to get children in and out; the seat belts adjust in a similar way to other car seats. Father to triplet boys John Temple recently tested the Super Club Multimac – with three seats – in our long-term Skoda Superb. Buying a car seat for your child is one of the most important safety decisions you'll make as a parent. . We make a Multiple child car seat so when baby number 3 or 4 comes along you don't need to buy a people carrier! News of the Multimac has been ebbing and flowing on social media for years. The Multimac is suitable from birth with one of the rear facing baby cradles and lasts until a child reaches 36kg (roughly 11-12 years). Terms & Conditions | Childminders as they don’t have to worry about different car seats and can fit 4 in a row. The one-piece seat is attached to the car and eliminates the need for seperate car seats as everything is included. Want more information and inspiration on everything parenting and lifestyle? But then there are the aftermarket accessories. However, when they get older than 15 months and they move into the second stage of the seat, it’s worth noting that the seats don’t recline so the only option is upright. Our car seat reviews use real crash tests to find the safest baby and child car seats. The Multimac 1260 is much more complicated to install than a conventional child car seat, so we would not recommend this seat for anyone who needs to transfer child seats between vehicles regularly. What is the Multimac Car Seat? My children all seem happy with this and have napped many times in the seats without a problem, but smaller children might like more of a recline. A baby seat ( the Minimac ) can be attached to the unit and seat belt extenders may be used to allow the normal belt and sash belts to … Joie Every Stage FX ISOFIX car seat review. The five point harness can’t be tightened once it is done up which I find a bit awkward but we have got used to tightening it first if we need to now. This British made product is the only multi child car seat in the world and has been many years in the making. The Multimac is an all-stage (Group 0+/1/2/3) child car seat that allows you to fit three or four children across the back seat of almost any car. The Multimac 930 is the best bet for a compact car. All of seat and table review from Elcho. It’s making a resurgence again—for understandable reasons—so we felt we should address it. The infant seat isn’t huge though and I will be surprised if my 9 month old still fits in there at that age. The Multimac is a new product designed specifically for mums and dads with three or more children. I like the extra security and my five year old looks much more protected than he did in his previous car seat. Super value at just 0.0 . This MadeForMums award-winning car seat scooped the gold medal for being the best rotating car seat of 2017. Enter Multimac; a UK company that has come up with an innovative child car seat system that will fit three to four kids.. However, it’s sort of a moot point, as you wouldn’t be able to fit 3 in the back of any car anyway. The harness goes up to 36kg, which is really unusual as most seats nowadays need an adult seatbelt once children hit 18kg. With four children aged 5 and under, we are always short of space. The ideal car seat for parents of triplets, quadruplets or with 3 or more children under 12 years old, 9/d/5/1/9d51d9045fd1703f6e98c60f1a406f76997c1460_175237.jpg. Note: This is the Recommended Car Seats Page for Canadians. My only real negative for the Multimac is the lack of an extended rear facing option. If you’re not familiar with it, the Multimac is a child restraint system that includes three or even four seats that are installed at the same time into a standard back seat. Privacy Settings, The Best Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars for Kids, How to Throw the Ultimate Kids’ Halloween Party: Games, Food and Decorations, The Cutest Kids Halloween Costumes for 2020, Family Holiday Destinations: The Ultimate Guide to Family-Friendly Holidays, Breastfeeding: Common Questions and Useful Answers. You also have added peace of mind, given that each Multimac is fitted by an expert (at motability branches in garages across the UK), you are able to avoid the pitfalls of a poorly fitted seat which is where many of us go wrong with traditional car seats. The product is seriously good looking. Multimac ( is a bench-like removable ­system of either three or four child seats, bolted into the car, with five-point harnesses and all the requisite safety approval. Multimac - Designed for safety The main reason for a child seat is safety. Affiliate Policy | For readers unfamiliar with that article, a precis is that, even with a large rear seat, 2 high backed booster seats and a baby seat … One difficulty is that, as a part of the installation procedure, the adult seat … So for what it is, a tailor-made, safe, easy-to-use car seat that will fit 3 or 4 babies, toddlers or children in the car at the same time, it’s priceless and I actually think it is exceptional value (and finance plans are available). For more information, visit Privacy Policy | Energy absorbing design makes it one of the safest child car … Buy from Amazon Chicco Seat 4 Fix Read full review. Both headrests are compatible with every seat. The Multimac kit is a piece of genius, but some flaws. Our seat was installed for us and took a little longer as our car was more complicated. A completely new concept in child car seat safety. Only arrived today after lots of calls to them. New dads and mums want to make sure their brand-new baby rides in the car in the safest way possible. We can either do it from the side, or we lean back from the front as te child next to the infant carrier is harder to reach. It feels almost indestructible, too. The seat berth – Each seat will hold up to 36kg (children around 12 years) in the adjustable five-point harness. You can buy the correct parts for this on the website but it means even more flexibilty. But perhaps the feature for parents of triplets or 3 young children is that it is 43cm wide, car seat … Fully tested. The one-piece seat is attached to the car and eliminates the need for seperate car seats as everything is included. ... Child car seats 4 seat 3 accessories catblog the most trusted source for car seat reviews ratings multimac 1000 3 seater child car seats 4 seat 3 accessories. reviewed 29 Jun 2017 by Katie Smith ... Can be used from birth up to 36kg. 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